OPEN CALL for Sustainability Advisors

OPEN CALL for Sustainability Advisors

Pave the Way for the Next Generation of Sustainable Leaders

Are you an expert with competence in sustainability transition and/or investment and finance?

Are you capable and interested to support companies in their green transformation?

If yes, this is your chance to step in, find new clients and benefit from various resources!

What is the Sustainable Transition to the Agile and Green Enterprise (STAGE) ecosystem?

 It is a unique support mechanism targeted at transforming industrial entreprises into green leaders of the European economy.

Within STAGE we support companies with:

- Innovation and sustainability assessments in a range of social, innovation, governance, environment and economic aspects. 

- Elaboration of Sustainability Transition Plans with action steps to achieve sustainability goals.  

- Bespoke training programmes for upskilling and reskilling of managers and staff in all key sustainability transition domains. 

- Financial incentives to access professional services and develop their investment project plans. 

- Tailored financial advisory to attract private funding.  

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Within STAGE we support companies with:

Who can become a STAGE Sustainability Advisor?

Any industrial or financial expert, coach or advisor with competence in one or more of the following fields:

Sustainability transition, including areas such as:

- Renewable Energy

- Energy Efficiency

- Sustainability Reporting

- Carbon Accounting

- Clean Hydrogen

- Circular Economy

- Sustainable Production

- Energy Infrastructure

- Industrial Facilities

Finance, including areas such as:

- Corporate Finance

- Mergers and Acquisition

- Project Financing

- Innovation Funding

Why become a STAGE Sustainability Advisor? What are the benefits?

- Once approved, you will become part of a European-wide strong and supportive sustainability transition ecosystem that will provide you with the opportunity to engage with new clients.

- Through our ecosystem, you can gain free access to cutting edge sustainability and financial assessment tools addressing companies' sustainability transition needs which you can use in your interactions with customers.

- As a Sustainability Advisors you will have the chance to participate for free in innovation and sustainability trainings and workshops, upgrade your skills and receive certification.

- As a Sustainability Advisor you will be matched with clients from a vast pool of industrial SMEs and will help guide them through the STAGE process. Advisors can directly benefit from The STAGE Financial Grant Programme which will be used by the selected companies to pay for the expert services they receive.  

Bring a partner! 

Sustainability Advisors are encouraged to invite European industrial SMEs from their own network to benefit from our support! 

By doing so you will be automatically matched with your partner and get the chance to bring your relationship to the next STAGE

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Bring a partner! 

How to join us?

If you meet the requirements and you think you are fit for the role of a Sustainability Advisor, join us! 

What is the deadline?

The call for Sustainability Advisors in open until May 2025.

Registrations are processed on a regular basis, and you will receive approval or request for more information within 10 days of the date you fully complete your expert’s profile.



Watch the info session to find out more about:


1. The services provided by the Programme and the key role of Sustainability Advisors

2. The key benefits for Sustainability Advisors

3. How to use the STAGE platform

4. How to benefit from the STAGE Financial Scheme and other tools and services

5. How to connect with other stakeholders and get matched with clients


Can a Sustainability Advisor residing outside the EU join the STAGE ecosystem?

Any expert, despite its country of origin or permanent location who have competence in a sustainability domain and/or finance can apply and be approved to become a STAGE Sustainability Advisor.

(Entities subject to EU restrictive measures under Article 29 of the Treaty on the European Union (TEU) and Article 215 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU (TFEU) and entities covered by Commission Guidelines No 2013/C 205/059 are NOT eligible to participate.)

Is the Sustainability Advisor a personal consultant or can be a company?

The approved STAGE Sustainability Advisors are individual experts but they can be employed by a consultancy company, a sustainability centre, research institute or similar organisation. When completing their profile in our online platform, they are welcome to name the organisation they work for. Experts from one and the same organsation can join as STAGE advisors with no limitations.

How will a Sustainability Advisor be matched with an entreprise?

Companies interested to benefit from the STAGE support join our online platform. Once they complete the Initial Assessment form, they get access to the profiles of all Sustainability Advisors and can chose with whom they wish to interact within STAGE and beyond.

Can STAGE financial support be spent on services provided by an advisor external to the STAGE ecosystem?

No, The STAGE Financial Grant Programme can provide financial support to eligible SMEs for services provided only by Sustainability Advisors who are part of the STAGE ecosystem. To get approved, join here.


If you have reviewed the information but you still have questions or need help, do not hesitate to contact us.


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